Philanthropic Gift Strategies

We help you plan to give

You have a big heart. We see it. You make your own decisions when it comes to where you leave your wealth. We help you map the steps to be completed to make those gifts a reality. Oftentimes, your charitable giving can be multiplied by tax savings that we will help you seek. Whether you have family members who do not need your assets or you simply have a passion for a specific charity or organization, we can help you with philanthropic gift planning to give to a deserving cause in a manner that will truly make a lasting difference to those the organization serves.

Schools, charities and service organizations are always in need of extra funding for direct services, covering regular expenses, and paying hard-working employees. There are countless stories of what these types of organizations have been able to accomplish with donations made possible through legacy giving. Remember, that philanthropic gift strategies come in large and small sizes, all of which offer opportunities for those they serve. Donors have left life insurance policy payouts, investment assets, physical property and other types of funding to help continue the efforts of philanthropic organizations. Your legacy can help others for generations to come if invested properly. Some physical assets can help grow organizations as well, such as donations of vehicles or buildings. Even a small amount can make a big difference, and we can help determine whether your philanthropic gift will include all or part of your financial legacy. There are even  strategies that can satisfy your philanthropic interests while addressing your retirement income needs at the same time.

If you’re not sure which organization most needs your support, at Wealthcare we can help you craft philanthropic gift strategies based on your interests, your beliefs or even family traditions of giving. The list of worthwhile organizations is long, and we can help you decide whether your wealth would best be distributed among several entities or if it would be better utilized serving just one. Your contributions can make a difference.  Let us help you champion the causes closest to your heart.

Your contributions can make a difference.  Let us help you champion the causes closest to your heart.

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