Legacy Planning

We help you leave your loved ones What you've earned

Whether you are in the beginning stages of your career or are nearing retirement, you are working toward something that matters. At Wealthcare, we know that leaving a legacy is important, and through legacy planning we can help you establish something you’re proud to leave behind. At Wealthcare Services, we want your financial legacy to be a lasting reflection of your values, desires, and interests. We do that in two main categories – estate planning and entity/business planning.

Estate Planning

Without careful analysis and effective planning, the dream of leaving a financial legacy can evaporate into crippling taxes and unnecessary costs and procedures for your loved ones. Worse than that, through circumstances like divorce, sibling rivalry, or the pre-mature death of an heir, your estate could be distributed to unintended recipients.  The Wealthcare estate planning approach analyzes your total taxable estate, allowing us to provide insightful recommendations toward the most beneficial way to own and distribute assets. We will educate you on what is taxable and what you can do to leverage those obligations so that your intended heirs can receive what you have given them without the pressure of selling off your assets and choosing which ones to salvage or liquidate.  We will educate you about the role and types of trusts, the key provisions to consider, and the desired benefits gained by their use.

Entity and Business Planning

Do you have a business or manage an entity? Coordination between personal and professional interests/assets is essential. We can help you separate the two in order to protect both your family and your entity. We work with business owners in four key areas: business transition planning, retirement planning, executive compensation goal-setting and employee benefit opportunities. We know that it is not only important for you to take care of your own family, but also those of your employees. After all, they’ve worked hard to help you build the legacy you will leave behind. At Wealthcare, we care because you do. Our advisors will help with entity planning and business planning so that you can focus on your family and business.

What will you leave to the ones you love?

Your financial legacy will impact those you leave behind. Let us help you design the right one.
Start Planning Your Legacy Today
Start Planning Your Legacy Today