Investment Management

We work with your timeline, at your pace

Investing can be a scary way to manage money for those who are inexperienced with equities, exchange-traded funds or corporate bonds. Industry terminology alone may steer otherwise successful investors clear of putting hard-earned money at any type of risk. We want to take the worry out of investing for our clients at Wealthcare. We seek to adapt to your comfort level, offering solutions we think will align with your investment objectives while remaining in your level of risk tolerance. Our investment management guidance depends on your goals. We work with your timeline… at your pace.

Our independent advisors study market history and trending patterns, and are skilled in offering investment management advice that will help clients allocate a diversified portfolio. Diversification is much more than simply buying stocks in different sectors – timing, liquidity, cost, and tax effect are just a few of the factors we consider when crafting your portfolio allocations.

Our prevailing thought about how financial markets really work is central to our investment philosophy. We do things quite differently from many of our colleagues. We do not manage risk by simply maintaining a fixed allocation of stocks and bonds. Neither do we trade based on fundamentals outside the markets. We base our investment decisions on the probabilities that certain market scenarios either will or won’t unfold purely via real-time analysis of mathematical data from inside the markets – the place where we can quantify the cause and effect on investments. In short – we trade the reality of the market, not the anticipation of it.  And we think that sets us apart.

We understand the importance of trust in our industry, and integrity is a core value of our firm. We will explain transparently the risks and potential rewards of the investments we offer and are proactive to seek your feedback and answer questions. Our compensation is structured to be aligned with your interests and success in mind.

Whether you’re a young investor looking to capitalize on the time value of money, or you’re getting ready to retire and want to protect all that you’ve saved, we can create a portfolio to suit your specific needs. Our tactical investment models are built to adapt in up or down markets, so we have something to offer no matter how the market performs. We will plan with you to determine your best financial avenue whether you are a conservative investor looking for guarantees or an aggressive investor open to anything. You will always be in control of your money. We just help you figure out how to make the most of it. Our team succeeds when you do, and like you, we strive for success.

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